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English Blend Whole Leaf  Tea:Black Tea Blend, Leaf Finest composition of Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling second flush teas.
Mexican Mango: Flavoured black tea with mango/chili taste.
Ingredients: Black tea, cactus blossoms, amaranth, mango bits, pomegranate blossoms, flavouring, chili pods.
English Earl Gray: A Flavoured black tea with bergamot taste.
Chai Tea: Flavoured black tea blend with spices. A creation from an Indian tradition. Fresh and spicy taste. Ingredients: Black tea, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, flavouring.
Venilla: Flavoured black tea with Bourbon-Vanilla taste. Ingredients: Tea, Bourbon-Vanilla bits, flavouring.
Candied Rose: Flavoured blend of green tea and fruits. Mild green tea Sencha basis in a harmonious combination with sweet papaya and rose blossoms, rounded off with the enticing taste of caramel, candied almonds, and subtle rose. Ingredients: Tea, papaya bits (papaya, sugar, citric acid ), rosehip peels, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, flavour, rose petals.
Christmas Tea: Flavoured black tea with spice taste (cloves). Ingredients: Tea, citrus peels, flavouring, rose petals, almonds chopped, cloves, Bourbon-Vanilla bits, cardamom.
Tropical Fire: Flavoured black tea. In this melange black tea is gently mixed up with fine rose blossoms – exotic jackfruit taste gives that certain something. Ingredients: Tea, rose petals, flavour.
Creamy Berry: Flavoured blend of black tea, white tea and fruits. Exclusively created tea blend with the fruity berry taste of sun-ripened blueberries and cranberries with a gentle bouquet of cream and vanilla. Ingredients: Black tea (69%), white tea (12 %), amaranth, flavour, rosehip peels, elderberries, cranberries, hibiscus, blueberries,cornflower petals.
Pomegranate – Rasberry: Black tea with a trendy flavour mix of pomegranates, goji and sea buckthorn berries with a juicy raspberry taste, accentuated with a gentle touch of guarana. Ingredients: Tea , rosehip peels, hibiscus, flavour, goji berries, raspberry bits , guarana seed, sea buckthorn berries, cornflower petals, natural flavour, pomegranate juice concentrate.


Herbal Chai: Flavoured herbal infusion with spices. Ingredients: Apple bits, chamomile flowers, nettle leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cardamom, star-anise, flavouring.


Camillo: Flavoured herbal blend with orange taste. Ingredients: rosehip peels, citrus peels, chamomile flowers, lemon grass, orange blossoms, hibiscus, flavour, nana-mint. Ingredients: Black tea, white tea, amaranth, flavour, rosehip peels, elderberries, cranberries, hibiscus, blueberries, cornflower petals


Strawberry – Mint: Flavoured blend of herbs and fruit melange. The fresh aroma of nana mint and the sweet taste of ripened strawberries give the perfect touch to this herbal composition. Ingredients: Apple bits, haricot bean peels, stinging nettle leaves, berry leaves, nana mint, flavour, strawberry bits.


Cyclone: Flavoured herbal blend. A stormy, spicy herbal blend with a breeze of anise taste. Ingredients: Blackberry leaves, fennel, mullein flowers, balm, aniseed, ribwort leaves, apple bits, rosehip peels, marigold petals, flavour, elderflowers, elderberries, peony petals, peppermint.


Berry Selection: Flavoured blend of white tea and fruits. Two trends in one cup: fine white tea, refined with the fruity berry taste of the popular “power fruit” cranberry.  Ingredients: Tea,pineapple bits, rosehip peels, cranberries , lemon grass, flavour, cornflower petals.


Japanese Cherry Blossoms: Flavoured white tea with the taste of Japanese cherry blossoms. Ingredients: tea, natural flavour, tea blossoms, paklum blossoms, rose petals, jasmine blossoms.


Chine Green Sencha: Special grade. Delightful flavour, honey-coloured infusion.


Chine Jasmine: Green tea with flavoured jasmine blossoms and a fresh bouquet.


Sencha Mandarin Organic Tea: Flavoured Sencha certified organic with tangarine/cinnamon taste.  Ingredients: Green tea, citrus peels, pineapple bits with separating agent rice flour*, marigold petals, natural flavouring, cinnamon / certified organic.


Coji-Acai: Fruity and refreshing blend of green tea with the taste of oriental goji berries and the flavour of the Amazon açai fruit. Ingredients: Tea, hibiscus, rosehip peels, apple bits, goji berries, flavour, raspberry bits, açai fruit powder.


Dream Dancer: Flavoured green and white tea with peach taste. Ingredients: green tea, white tea, peach bits, flavour, english chamomile, wool flowers.


Passion Fruit – Mango: Flavoured green tea with passion fruit/mango taste. Ingrdients: tea, pineapple bits, mango bits, flavour, orange petals, rose petals.


Milky OOLONG – Exclusive Tea: Naturally flavoured green Jade Oolong tea. This naturally flavoured Jade Oolong from Fujian is produced by being elaborately rolled. It convinces with a light green aromatic infusion and its very delicate milky flavour.
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TE – Teahouse Exclusive stands for excellent quality and delightful taste creations. The Tea specialties fascinate with their variety: from the noble Darjeeling with its finely mellow taste to the various dry-spicy Ceylon harvests to extraordinary compositions of chamomile, fruit, herb and blossoms with mild fruity aromas. The assortment was carefully compiled by experienced Tea Tasters and convinces with its exquisite aroma
Rooibos Vanilla – Delightful Rooibos from the South Africa Cederberg region with a creamy vanilla note. Very digestible, as it contains no caffeine.
Peppermint – A fascinating mixture of fresh peppermint and the gentle aroma of mild liquorice.
English Breakfast – Delightful breakfast tea, comprising dry-langy Caylon harvests and mellow aromatic Sumatra Garden teas.
Herbs and Honey – An extraordinary composition of camomile, fruit, honey, herbs and petals with a fine sweetness and fruity aroma.
Darjeeling Ftgof – The noble Darjeeling originated in the tea gardens at the southerns slope of the Himalayans and thrills with its finely mellow taste.
Summerfruits – A lovely summer fresh, fruity experience: juicy apple and berry segments harmonizing with hibiscus and liquorice.
Earl Grey – An aromatic blend of the finest Darjeeling supplemented by the classical taste of the fruity Bergamot.
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